About us
We resolve complex legal situations that require unconventional, tailor-made solutions
The origins
We named our law office after St. Ivo Hélory, who is considered the patron saint of all those who have chosen to commit their lives to the legal profession. As a judge, he paid special attention to people in need and was known to always make unbiased judgements.
The origins
Eight centuries later, the pursuit of pure and fair justice still inspires Ivo Hélory's followers.
Our values
Our law firm is a team of dedicated professional lawyers with a unique wealth of experience.

We defend the interests of both large and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals. Our relationships with the people who trust us are our intellectual and spiritual capital.

Our firm respects traditional professional values, business ethics, and attorney-client privilege.

We help you do business.
Boris Brusko
Managing Partner, attorney, PhD in Law, professor at the Lomonosov Moscow State University with over 23 years of practical experience in law.
Area of expertise: Bankruptcy and support for major commercial transactions.
Boris is engaged in academic studies and has authored more than 10 academic papers and 3 monographs.
3 monographs. Co-author of a two-volume educational course,
«Insolvency (Bankruptcy)».

Yuri Konyukhov
Partner, an attorney with over 15 years of practical experience in the legal profession.
Area of expertise: Commercial disputes and legal support for business.
Pro bono and charitable legal assistance to certain categories of non-profit organizations and individuals.
Our firm is listed in the federal sector ranking of law firms in the field of Arbitration: Major Commercial Litigation.
We are trusted by
Companies and individuals from various business sectors: construction, retail and wholesale petroleum products, commercial real estate, and retail.
Clients who need support in corporate transactions (M&A), including major business purchases and sales.
Companies engaged in mineral mining and processing, heavy machine building, and production of light industry goods.
Clients engaged in implementing innovative R&D in the manufacturing sector.
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Our firm is listed in the federal sector ranking of law firms in the field of Arbitration: Major Commercial Litigation.