Dispute resolution
and arbitration
The firm's team has extensive practical experience in handling various categories of arbitration and civil disputes. Litigation is our core area of expertise.

Procedural work is not restricted to preparation of documents and giving speeches in court. It is a complex process beginning with the choice of strategy and tactics for the case, gathering evidence, and determining the best method for presenting it to the court.

  • Litigation
    in all arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction across Russia
  • Effective claim work
    using unconventional legal methods and the firm's professional credibility (out-of-court discharge of the debtor's obligations)
  • Assistance in negotiating
    with opponents to resolve legal conflicts
  • Disputes in the field of real estate
    relating to foreclosure of mortgaged property, recognition of title, challenging town-planning documents, demolition of unauthorized construction, and protection of developers' rights
  • Disputes arising from binding relations
    under contracts of work, sale and purchase, supply, lease, service and loan agreements, and bank guarantees
  • Disputes arising out of public legal relations
    when appealing against the actions (or omissions) of government authorities in subsoil use, construction, taxation and antimonopoly policy;
    relating to recovery of losses and damages caused by officials
  • Corporate disputes
    appealing against decisions of governing bodies, on ownership of shares and stakes and payment of their actual value; recovery of damages caused by governing bodies; resolution of other legal conflicts in the company
  • Labor disputes
    for recovery of damages caused by company employees, and in cases related to dismissa
  • Inheritance disputes and property conflicts between spouses
    on acceptance of inheritance; on declaring heirs unworthy; on division of property upon dissolution of marriage; on invalidation of marriage contracts
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