Comprehensive support in bankruptcy proceedings
For many years, we have represented creditors, debtors and court-appointed receivers alike in bankruptcy proceedings.

The firm operates across Russia and delivers the following services:

  • Detailed analysis
    of the debtor's financial situation and their business activities
  • Developing a strategy and tactics
    for conducting bankruptcy proceedings for both debtors and creditors
  • Representing clients
    in disputes on subsidiary liability and recovery of damages
  • Defending the interests of contractual partners
    In challenging suspicious (loss-making) transactions of the debtor
  • Collection and preparation of evidence
    using advanced search and procurement methods (including expert examinations of any complexity)
  • Legal support for bankruptcy
    of credit and financial institutions, including support for the court-appointed receiver’s operations
  • Protection of the creditor register
    against frivolous claims and persons affiliated with the debtor
  • Countering procedural pressure
    from third-party creditors and receivers
  • Identification of opportunities to replenish the bankruptcy
    estate that are not apparent to creditors
  • Protection of the debtor's transactions
    from unjustified claims by creditors and receivers
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