Legal support for businesses and private clients in a wide range of fields

The firm has many years of experience in providing comprehensive legal support for large companies and individuals.

We can act as a consultant to a client's legal department or replace the company's legal department entirely.

  • Representing the client before state authorities
    Support in tendering procedures, assistance with administrative inspections and commissions, obtaining building permits and licenses
  • Analysis of the client's financial and business activity
    Preventing, detecting and eliminating administrative and tax risks
  • Drafting of the company's internal regulations
    Drawing up instructions, charters, regulations, orders and directives
  • Building contractual relations
    Drafting and preparing agreements and other related documents, carrying out legal due diligence of agreements, and conducting negotiations with counterparties
  • Taxes
    Advising clients during tax audits, preparing objections to audit reports, and appealing against decisions of tax authorities in the arbitration court
  • Advising the client
    Providing assistance on any issues pertaining to financial and economic activities
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